• organizes workshop on the environmental impact of medical devices
    During the 24th Annual Meeting of the Network for Evidence-Based Medicine (March 22-24, 2023 in Potsdam, Germany), organized a workshop on the topic "Environmental Impact: a new dimension in the assessment of medical devices?", in collaboration with the Network's HTA Department. Issues related to the environmental footprint of health systems are gaining importance in … Read more
  • Workshop on the new Medical Device Directive 
    Less than two years before the new European Medical Device Directive (MDR) comes into force,, together with the DGSMP and the Network for Evidence-based Medicine, has drawn an interim conclusion to the discussion on the evaluation of examination and treatment methods with medical devices. For this purpose a workshop was held in Dresden on … Read more
  • “Ethics in HTA” and “HTA-ethics” – approaches and challenges
    This series of workshops was aimed in particular at authors and users of HTA reports, health policy decision-makers, experts in applied ethics and all those interested in the further development of the evaluation of ethical aspects in HTA. They were organized by in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Dr. Daniel Strech and his team from … Read more
  • Workshop “Medical devices in Germany and Europe: quo vadis?”
    The HTA Section of the Network for Evidence-based Medicine and organized a workshop on medical devices at the 15th annual conference of the Network for Evidence-Based Medicine in March 2014. The presentation slides can be downloaded here. A detailed report has been published in the Zeitschrift für Evidenz, Fortbildung und Qualität im Gesundheitswesen ( … Read more
  • Medical devices in focus: medicine, regulation and economy
    The aim of the workshop held on 28 November 2012 in Cologne was to examine the current, constantly fueled discussion on medical devices from various perspectives. The symposium was organized by the GMDS working groups "HTA", "Methodology of Systematic Reviews", "Medical Decision Making" and "Health Economics" as well as the HTA Section of the German … Read more