“Ethics in HTA” and “HTA-ethics” – approaches and challenges

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This series of workshops was aimed in particular at authors and users of HTA reports, health policy decision-makers, experts in applied ethics and all those interested in the further development of the evaluation of ethical aspects in HTA. They were organized by HTA.de in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Dr. Daniel Strech and his team from the Institute for History, Ethics and Philosophy of Medicine at the Medical University of Hannover.

Presentation slides of the 1st workshop in Basel, 8/25/2017:

  • Daniel Strech: Ethik in HTA. Rationalen und Herausforderungen für die Integration ethischer Aspekte in HTA-Berichte
  • Bjørn Hofmann: Vorstellung internationaler Entwicklungen für „Ethik in HTA“
  • Lars Sandman: SBUs approach to ethics in HTA
  • Nikola Biller-Adorno: Stand Ethik in HTA in der Schweiz
  • Marcel Mertz, Hannes Kahrass, Daniel Strech: Stand Ethik in HTA in Deutschland
  • Matthias Perleth: Vertiefung: Regulatorische Herausforderungen

Lecture slides Vienna, 11/30/2017 (continuation of the 1st workshop):

  • Marcel Mertz, Hannes Kahrass: Kompetenzbereiche
  • Claudia Wild: Stand Ethik in HTA in Österreich
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